/ news / ADI DESIGN AWARD 2018

Production system renovation that relaunches the ceramic slab as a material, allowing on it any treatment of cutting and processing of the surface”: with this words Oscar Colli, co-founder of “Il Bagno Oggi e Domani” magazine and jury expert together with Silvia Stanzani (designer) and Valentina Downey (ADI-Emilia Romagna Delegation president), has delivered the important award to Luisa Baraldi (Fondovalle Owner) and to Federico Tusini (Fondovalle Sales Marketing Manager). This award for Fondovalle represents the success not only of a product, but also of an evolved company vision that has been able to give the slabs a completely unusual look. Thanks to 20 Pure, MyTop, the brand of Fondovalle dedicated to the large porcelain stoneware surfaces inspired by different materials, has expanded his collection, adding to the 12 mm thick slabs, non rectified and mesh-mounted all over the surface, the innovative 20 mm thick slabs with veining running throughout the body, in the 163×324 cm size, also non rectified and mesh-mounted. This last product is realized in exclusive cooperation with LB Officine Meccaniche, thanks to its “Naturtech” technology installed on the Continua+ line. It is a full body product where the veining passing throughout the 20 mm thickness is realized not with digital techniques but using technical mixtures, such as dry colored powders, managed with LB technologies such as Easy Color Boost and Freestile.