/ / Bosideng Fashion Store (2021-2022)




Interior renovation


Cristofori Santi Architetti, architectural firm, Milan



The design idea behind this interior renovation was to use surfacing materials that would create a stylish backdrop to set off the garments on display.
In line with this underlying concept, the marble-effect slabs from the Infinito 2.0 collection by Ceramica Fondovalle, laid in the Calacatta White option, helped create exceptionally striking interiors.

The use of a single material in the 160×320 cm Bookmatch version on the floors and the 120×278 cm version on the walls was fundamental in infusing the spaces of the Bosideng Fashion Store with an elegant, refined mood. Marble has always been considered a symbol of prestige and beauty and these slabs faithfully reproduce its distinctive pattern, including veins, shading, and colours.

The use of one colour only within the building helped create a visual continuity and aesthetic consistency that emphasise the modern design of the rooms. The designer surfacing of the Infinito 2.0 collection extends throughout the store, unifying the interiors and creating harmonious visual effects. This consistent, minimalist design fits perfectly with the elegant, contemporary aesthetic of the Bosideng Fashion Store.

In addition to their irrefutable beauty, marble-effect tiles also offer practical advantages. Ceramic is a strong, durable, and easy-to-clean material, which makes it the ideal choice for a high-footfall commercial environment such as a fashion store.